Title: Nico-Icon
Author: Susanne Ofteringer
Production: Thomas Mertens, Annette Pisacane, CIAK-Filmproduktion
Format: DVD-R1
Reference: FLV5012
ISBN: 1-57252-219-4
UPC: 7-20917-05012-6
Publisher: Fox-Lorber Home Video, a Winstar Company, 419 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10016-8410 (US)
Publishing Date: 1998-01-14
Note: Interactive menus, production notes, scene access, trailer. The US Nico-Icon DVD release by Fox-Lorber, is unedited. The clips from Garrel's movies Un Ange Passe and La Cicatrice Intérieure are included. The interview with Carlos de Maldonado-Bostock complete. There is a beautiful colour photograph of Nico included when John Cale talks about Nico's change from blonde to black. A colour film clip of the Doors Break on Through is included.
Nico-Icon US DVD

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