La Cicatrice Intérieure

Title: La Cicatrice Intérieure
Japanese Title: 内なる傷痕
U.S. Title: The Inner Scar
Director, Screenwriter, Editing: Philippe Garrel
Dialogues: Nico
Production Companies: Capital Cinéma, Open Films, Zanzibar Productions
Producers: Silvina Boissonas, Philippe Garrel
First distributed in France: Capital Cinéma
Music: Nico
Sound: Antoine Bonfanti & René Levert
Cinematography: Jean Chiabaud & Michel Fournier
Running Time: 60 minutes
Format: 35 mm, 1.66:1, colour
Release Date: 1972-02-02 [FR], La Pagode, 57 Bis Rue de Babylone, Paris
Cast: Pierre Clémenti: The Horseman / the Archer
Nico: The Woman
Balthazar Clémenti: The Baby
Daniel Pommereulle: The Shepherd
Jean-Pierre Kalfon: The Fire-Keeper / The King
Christian Aaron Boulogne: The Child / The Little Brother
Philippe Garrel: The Man / The Devil
Note: A spectacularly mysterious exploration of emotional dynamics generated between archetypal woman and man, played by Nico and Garrel himself. Bringing imagery from Ingres and the Symbolist tradition to the Egyptian desert, the Death Valley in New Mexico USA, Iceland, and Italy, Garrel pans and tracks, delighting in this exotic landscape's rich play of light, as he re-enacts modern-day versions of Greek myth and Arthurian legends about the Grail Quest.

"You must not look at this film and ask yourself questions, you must look at it in the same way as you might enjoy walking through the desert. The film consists of traces ... and milestones ... It is a film based on the couple. I was very convinced of the camera's subjectivity, but now I believe more in the subjectivity of the direction. At that time I was trying to be very creative in my images. Now I realize that it's better to worry about telling a story rather than to get involved with the camera. The camera is an accidental element."

— Philippe Garrel.

Review by Patrick Sery, Cinéma 72 No 165 1972-04-00:

2004-06-04 21.00, 2004-06-16 21.00, and 2004-06-24 21.00, La Cinémathèque, Salle Chaillot, 7 avenue Albert de Mun, Paris.

2005-08-08, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Peter Jay Sharpe Building, 30 Lafayette Avenue, New York, NY

2005-08-21, University of California Los Angeles, James Bridges Theater, 1409 Melnitz Hall, UCLA Campus, Westwood ,CA 90095

2005-09-06 21.00, 14.15, 15.45, 17.15, 18.18, 20.15, 21.45, Le Saint-André-des-Arts I, 30 Rue Saint-André-des-Arts, Paris.

2007-09-21 21.30 and 2007-09-22 18.30, Donostia Zinemaldia Festival De San Sebastian, Spain
Cicatrice Intérieure Cicatrice Intérieure
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