Un Ange Passe

Title: Un Ange Passe
Japanese Title: 天使のお通り
Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Cinematography, Editing: Philippe Garrel
Music: Nico
Running Time: 80 minutes
Format: Black & white
Release Date: 1975-04-23 [FR]
Cast: Laurent Terzieff
Bulle Ogier
Maurice Garrel
Jean-Pierre Kalfon
Note: Un Ange Passe is a portrait of Philippe Garrel's father, Maurice. "I made it so it didn't cost too much. I made it very quickly. It turned out to be a film that looked exactly like it costs — it was industrially just right. But it was also useful to do to show love to my father." —Philippe Garrel

Garrel resorted to Nico's songs again, and she acted in the film with the beautiful Bulle Ogier.

The film is shown again on 2004-06-04 19:00 and 2004-06-16 19:00 and 2004-06-23 21:00 at the Cinémathèque, Salle Chaillot, 7 avenue Albert de Mun, Paris.

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