Frozen Warnings

Title: Frozen Warnings
From the album: The Marble Index
Director Steven Seymour
Artist: Nico
Label: Elektra Entertainment
Executive Producer: Howard Thompson
Producers: Malanga/Seymour
Editing: Robert Burden
Film Transfer: Laura Jens
Special Thanks to: Jonas Mekas, Paul Morrisey, Danny Fields, Gregg Barrios, Jean Condon, Pam Cook, David Bither, Archives Malanga
Running Time: 4:02
Format: Stereo/NTSC
Release Date: 1991-03-19 [US]
Note: Frozen Warnings was directed by Steven Seymour when The Marble Index was issued on CD by Elektra on 1991-03-19. It's a montage of various films and photographs, including Screen Tests by Andy Warhol, and Walden by Jonas Mekas.
Frozen Warnings directed by Steven Seymour

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