Screen Tests

Title: Screen Tests (reels 16-21)
Director: Andy Warhol
Producer: Andy Warhol
Running Time: 240 minutes
Production Date: 1964-1966
Release Date: 1967-00-00 [US]
Cast: Screen Tests (reel 16) (1964-1966) 40 minutes
Includes Paul America, Susan Sontag, Lou Reed, Nico [1965-11-00], Jack Smith.

Screen Tests (reel 17) (1964-1966) 40 minutes
Includes Ingrid Superstar, Isabel Eberstadt, Ed Sanders, Irving Blum.

Screen Tests (reel 18) (1964-1966) 40 minutes
Includes Nico, Susan Sontag, John Palmer, John Cale's eyes, Lou Reed.

Screen Tests (reel 19) (1964-1966) 40 minutes
Includes Ronald Tavel, Ed Hood, Taylor Mead, Phillip Fagan & Gerard Malanga, Ondine.

Screen Tests (reel 20) (1964-1966) 40 minutes
Includes Jane Holzer, Nico, Peter Orlovsky, Debbie Caen & Gerard Malanga.

Screen Tests (reel 21) (1964-1966) 40 minutes
Includes Holly Solomon, Nico, Maureen Tucker, Jane Holzer, Richard Rheem.
Note: Andy Warhol's movie Screen Tests is just that — close-ups of people who drifted through the Factory. They were asked to sit on a stool in front of a camera for 15 minutes, without acting, dialogue, direction or doing anything at all. Gerard Malanga was Andy Warhol's assistant.
Nico Screen test

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