Vuelo Químico

Nico & Michel Huygen
Nico & Michel Huygen

Vuelo Químico ES LP Harvest 10C 064-021.523
ES LP Harvest 10C 064-021.523
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Recorded EMI-Odeon S.A. Studios, Via Augusta 2 bis, Barcelona, 1978-09-04—07.
Sound engineer: Juan José Moreno

Nico recites excerpts from Ulalume — a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.
This poem was first published in Colton's "American Review" for December, 1847, as To - Ulalume: a Ballad.

Nico: narrator
Michel Huygen: Korg polyphonic synthesizer, Roland synthesizer, Brassman synthesizer, MiniMoog D synthesizer, Elka Rhapsody 610, DUY multiple sequencer, DUY selectron, DUY audio-generator, Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar treatments, graphical equalizer, vocals
Albert Giménez: Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar, Epiphone acoustic 12-string guitar, DUY audio-generator, DUY frequency modular alternator
Carlos Guirao: Logan String Orchestra 2, DUY Quasar Alpha project synthesizer-computer, Elka-solist synthesizer, Epiphone acoustic guitar, graphical equalizer, vocals
José Amado: oriental percussion sounds
A. Doménech: arrangement and conduction of the choir

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