Strip-Tease DVD

Title: Strip-Tease DVD
Author: mondo macabro
Format: DVD-R0
Cine Format: black & white widescreen (1.66:1/16:9)
Reference: mod149
UPC: 8-43276-01499-5
Front cover art: Gilles Vranck
Publisher: mondo macabro
Publishing Date: 2011-08-05
Liner Notes: The first release ever on home video anywhere in the world for this rarely seen feature starring Velvet Underground singer, Nico.

Here she plays Ariane, a young ballet dancer with dreams of stardom. In order to pay the rent she accepts a job in an upmarket strip club. At first, unable to go the whole way, she runs off the stage in tears. But soon she devises a unique act that captivates audiences and elevates her to star status in the competitive world of the 1960s Paris strip tease scene.

Featuring music by Serge Gainsbourg, this is the only mainstream movie in which Nico had a starring role. Her stunning looks and unearthly allure grace almost every scene. A must for Nico fans and for anyone interested in the cool chic of 1960s Paris night life.
Special DVD features: Brand new anamorphic transfer from negative
Interview with Nico biographer Richard Witts
Interview with musician Lutz Ulbrich
Newly created English subtitles
Extensive production notes
Mondo Macabro previews
Strip-Tease DVD Strip-Tease DVD

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