What Goes On
What Goes on 3 CD Box
AU 3CD Raven RVCD-28
  1. Melody Laughter (8:30)
  2. I'll Be Your Mirror (2:09) *fades out
  3. All Tomorrow's Parties (5:56) *
  4. Femme Fatale (2:36) *
  5. It Was a Pleasure Then (8:00)
  6. Untitled August 1966 (4:25)
  7. Radio ad 1966-05-03 (0:12)

* mono mix

Melody Laughter

La la la la la ...

Recorded at Exploding Plastic Inevitable Performance, Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus, Ohio, 1966-11-04
Producer: Not produced. Engineer: David Faison

Nico: vocals
John Cale: piano, then bass
Lou Reed: guitar
Sterling Morrison: guitar
Maureen Tucker: bass, then drums

Andy Warhol s Index (Book)
Cardboard picture disc single
included in Andy Warhol's Index
(Black Star Books, LCC No 67-2261)


[I'm waiting for the Man in background]

Lou: What do you think ?

xxxx: I think — I think it stinks!

Lou : Great.

xxxx: But I mean this one is good and-a ...

Lou : This one is better. Anyway.

xxxx: Yeah.

Nico: What is it called? I don't know.

xxxx: Trying to talk.

Nico: What is it ?

xxxx: Did you look at it ?

Nico: The product of the underground, is that it ?

xxxx: It's supposed to be emblematic of the world of Andy Warhol. It's Andy's book for the rest of the world.

Nico: For the rest of the world ? You mean ...

John: Is it really for the rest of the world ?

xxxx: Yeah well, outside of New York.

Nico: The beginning of the world. Because I think the rest of the world is us.

xxxx: I suppose the rest of the world doesn't think so. Do they ?

John: What is this ?

xxxx: Well, that's gonna be there, that's a pop-up.

John: Where ?

xxxx: That's in the book when you show up this.

xxxx: Oh oh, really ?

xxxx: It looks obscene like that.

xxxx: Shall we flip through it ? This is Ingrid Superstar talking about The Factory in that spread. This is tri-dimensional. This little arrow will shoot out, this mania, very high contrast black and white, not like an ordinary photograph.

Andy Warhol's Index Book
Andy Warhol's Index Book

Nico: Oh really ?

xxxx: That's pretty exciting.

Nico: How about the empty pages, why don't they remain empty, huh ?

xxxx: You have words on them.

Lou : That's a very good idea, Nico.

Nico: Is it really ?

xxxx: Yes.

xxxx: This page has a little object in it that pops out completely out of the book on a string.

Nico: Yeah. Who's the lovely lady ?

Lou : What lovely lady ?

Nico: The one with a garter, a garter.

xxxx: Gee, I don't know who is that ? Who is that ?

xxxx: Whose leg is that ?

xxxx: Nobody knows, some er ...

xxxx: It's an anonymous leg, an anonymous leg.

xxxx: It sure is René.

Lou : Oh it's René's leg.

xxxx: This is very attractive.

xxxx: Never

[Femme Fatale in background]

xxxx: That's a very handsome portrait.

Nico: It's a very sentimental book.

xxxx: You think so ?

Nico: Yeah. Very. We're not really that sentimental!

xxxx: You mean romantic ?

Nico: I mean we're not supposed to be.

xxxx: That's a sentimental spread.

Nico: That's why, that's why it has been changed three times before this version came out ...

xxxx: You know how this page is like this.

xxxx: It's a big family.

xxxx: There's a sound-page that has a record over the page.

xxxx: This is ...

Nico: Oh yes, oh, what is this supposed to be, that plastic record ?

xxxx: That's a record. We're making it.

Nico: Oh you're making it and which one ...

xxxx: This very moment.

Nico: I mean what is going to be on, it ? Oh, just us talking then.

xxxx: Yeah.

xxxx: Isn't that lovely ?

Nico: Coughing.

xxxx: That's really lovely.

xxxx: Oh really ?

xxxx: It looks like an outtake from BlowUp.

xxxx: Hello!

Nico: Good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning.

xxxx: Good morning, good morning.

xxxx: That'll be the theme of the book.

xxxx: Oh we are part of the picture. The same ...

Nico: René, come over here!

xxxx: The same place with different things in it.

Nico: Please, come over here.

John: Where did you get that ?

xxxx: It's a before-and-after picture, it's called a restaurant.

Recorded at The Factory, 231 East 47th St., (loft on 4th floor), New York City, 1966-08-00
Producer: Andy Warhol. Engineer: Lou Reed

Andy Warhol's Index Book
Andy Warhol's Index Book

A cardboard picture disc single (featuring facial photo of Lou Reed) is inserted in Andy Warhol's Index (Book), Black Star Books, LCC No 67-2261 (no catalogue number on record), released 1967/02/00

Radio ad

Trip poster
Trip poster

Radio ad, Los Angeles, 1966-05-03

Pop goes Andy Warhol's Plastic Inevitable show at The Trip starting tonight. You'll flip at the Velvet Underground and Nico and the incredible light show and Andy's fabulous underground movies, better not miss it, baby!

Los Angeles Radio ad for the Plastic Inevitable Shows at the Trip, 8572 Sunset Strip, Los Angeles 1966-05-03--18

Trip poster
VU & Nico at the Trip © Lisa Law

Audio file

Not since the Titanic ran into that iceberg has there been such a collision as when Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable burst upon the audiences at The Trip Tuesday. For once a Happening really happened, and it took Warhol to come out from New York to show how it's done. The Velvet Underground is so far out that it makes the tremendous thumping beat of the great, groovy group which opened the program sound passé.


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