The Drama of Exile


  1. One More Chance (4:13)
  2. The Sphinx (4:00)
  3. Sãeta (3:40)
  4. Genghis Khan (3:34)
  5. Heroes (5:41)


  1. Henry Hudson (3:46)
  2. 60/40 (4:35)
  3. Orly Flight (2:48)
  4. Vegas (3:30)
  5. I'm Waiting For the Man (4:14)

Re-recorded second version

Philippe Quilichini, Nico, Nadett' Duget
Philippe Quilichini, Nico, Nadett' Duget

Drama of Exile C-3813
FR LP Invisible Record C 3813
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Re-recorded at Music Works, 43 Capel Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, 1981-05-00
Producer: Jean-Marc Philippe "Kilikini" Quilichini (Arranged and produced by Kilikini for Nadett' Duget production)
Engineer: Mike Pela

Nico: vocals
Mohamad Hadi: lead guitar, bouzouki, simisha, backing vocals, piano
Jean-Marc Philippe "Kilikini" Quilichini: bass guitar, african percussions, rhythm guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals
Steve Cordona: drums
J.J. Johnson: percussion, trumpet
Thierry Matiozek: electric violin, backing vocals
Gary Barnacle: saxophones, drums
Andy Clarke: organ, piano, synthesizer

The Sphinx is dedicated to Andreas B. 60-40 to Nadett' D.

This is the re-recorded version of Drama of Exile that can be found on:
LP The Drama of Exile , FR Invisible Record C 3813, 1983-06-00
LP Drama of Exile , CS Tomk TK 0002-1311, 1991-11-17
CD Drama of Exile (Version originale), FR Buda Records 92647-2, 1996-03-21
CD Drama of Exile, CS Tomk TK 0002-2311, 1998-00-00
CD Drama of Exile CS Rakos Records RR 01, 2004-01-05

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