Hanging Gardens

  1. Hanging Gardens (6:12)
  2. The Sound (4:52)
  3. You Forget to Answer (3:25)
  4. Vegas (3:40)
  5. I'm Waiting for the Man (4:23)
  6. Your Voice (5:45)
  7. All Saints Night (4:06)
  8. Will Be Seven (4:50)
  9. Sãeta (3:31)

7 Mistitled: "Your Word Against Mine"
9 Mistitled: "The Line"

Nico Planetarium, Berlin, 1988-06-06

CD Hanging Gardens NL CD Restless 72383
NL CD Restless 72383
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4-5, 9 Recorded at Gooseberry South, 2 Hillside Road, London, 1984-00-00 ?
Nico: vocal, harmonium
James Young [James Edward]: piano, synthesizer
Henry Laycock: guitar
Martin Hennin [The Blue Orchids]: bass
Richard Harrison [The Blue Orchids]: drums
Graham Dids [ex-Lupus]: percussion

1-3, 6-8 "Fata Morgana - Desert Sounds in the Planetarium", recorded at the Wilhelm-Foerster-Sternwarte e.V. mit Planetarium am Insulaner, Munsterdamm 90 (Am Insulaner), Berlin, 1988-06-06 (edited versions)
Producer: Lutz Ulbrich
Engineer: Robert Sydow

Nico: vocal, Indian pump organ
James Young [James Edward]: piano, synthesizer
Henry Olsen: guitar
Eric Graham Dowdall: drums, percussion

Produced and engineered by Joe Julian
Mastered by Ron McMaster at Capitol Studios (Mastering Suite 2), 1750 North Vine Street Hollywood, CA
Cover painting by Sarah Gregory
Design by Rudy Tuesday
Thanks to: Ari Boulogne, David Gerber, Scott Vanderbilt.

Liner notes:
Most of these songs are from Nico's last studio recordings (1988) before her death. While she had faded from the spotlight since her days with the Velvet underground, Nico's creative vision remained intact and thiss body of work, including the title track, are testimony to a great but saddened talent.

Vegas and The Line originally appeared as a rare European single and these 1982 re-recordings are being re-released for the very first time. This recording of I'm Waiting for the Man is also from the same time period.

The release of this record was made possible through the efforts of Nico's son, Ari, and her producer, Joe Julian.

Indeed, Nico fans should hear these songs and this voice. All too silent, all too soon.

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