The End ...

Side 1:

  1. It Has Not Taken Long (4:02)
  2. Secret Side (4:02)
  3. You Forget to Answer (5:05)
  4. Innocent and Vain (3:43)
  5. Valley of the Kings (3:51)

Side 2:

  1. We've Got the Gold (5:34)
  2. The End (9:36)
  3. Das Lied der Deutschen (5:25)


The End UK LP Island ILPS 9311
UK LP Island ILPS 9311
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Recorded at Sound Techniques Ltd., 46A Old Church Street, London
Producer: John Cale for Jo Lustig (Isle of Man) Ltd.
Engineers: John Wood & Victor Gamm

Nico: voice, harmonium
Phil Manzanera [Philip Targett-Adams]: electric guitar
Brian Peter George St. John Baptiste de la Salle Eno: synthesizer
John Cale: bass guitar, xylophone, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, organ, marimba, triangles, cabaça, boobams, glockenspiel,
percussion, piano, electric piano
Vicki Wood: backing vocals
Annagh Wood: backing vocals

A Jo Lustig (Isle of Man) Ltd. Production

© 1996-2011
Serge Mironneau