The Confessions of Dr Dream & Other Stories

Kevin Ayers
Kevin Ayers

The Confessions of Dr Dream UK LP Island ILPS 9263
UK LP Island ILPS 9263
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Rhythm tracks recorded at Ramport Studios, 115 Thessaly Road, London
Recorded and remixed at AIR Studios, Lyndhurst Hall, Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead, London, 1974-00-00
Producer: Rupert Hine for Banana Productions Ltd
Engineer: Steve Nye & John Punter
Second Engineer: Sean Milligan & Gerry Leitch

Kevin Ayers: vocals, electric guitar, piano, organ
Nico: vocals
Mark Warner: acoustic guitar
Rupert Hine: piano, organ, ARP [Alan R. Pearlman] Instruments synthesiser

Kevin Ayers & Nico laid horizontal on the floor with a bottle of tequila and sang into a mike suspended above them.

Irreversible Neural Damage is also on:
Banana Productions the Best of Kevin Ayers,
UK 2LP Harvest EM 2032/CD CZ 176, 1989-06-00
UK CD CDP 7 92618 2, 2000-08-28

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