All Tomorrow's Parties DVD

Title: All Tomorrow's Parties DVD
Author: Cherry Red Films
Format: DVD-R0
Reference: CRDVD123
ISBN: none
UPC: 5-013929-932357
Publisher: Cherry Red, Unit 3a, Long Island House, 1-4 Warple Way, London W3 ORG, UK
Publishing Date: 2006-04-24
Liner Notes: A true icon of the twentieth century, Nico's musical career spanned three decades. Beginning with the psychedelic mayhem of the Velvet Underground during the sixties, she reinvented herself as the queen of punk in the mid seventies. Finally gaining the recognition she deserved as a great songwriter and performer in her own right during the eighties. It was during the latter period that she settled in the City of Manchester, UK (claiming it reminded her of her home, Berlin) and it was there she seemed to find peace with herself and her music. She became far more experimental, performing songs in a variety of different ways, often changing the arrangement (sometimes line-up) completely on consecutive evenings. Throughout the early part of the decade Nico toured extensively but always seemed most at ease playing either her native Berlin or her adopted home in the Northwest of England. Sadly in 1988 tragedy struck and she died of a brain haemorraghe whilst visiting Ibiza. Her legacy remains peerless.

Recently discovered in the archives of Visionary video, this DVD contains two exceptionally rare and unreleased shows, so much that their origin is somewhat vague. Both were recorded in the early eighties, the latter was definitely recorded at Manchester's Library Theatre. However the venue for the first performance, Incognito, remains a mystery which actually seems strangely fitting. Together the programmes capture Nico's intensity and diversity; perfectly demonstrating why she remains a revered artist to this day. As a bonus there is also one song from a Haçienda Club birthday party, along with a rare interview and backstage footage. An inspiring and enlightening portrait of a legend.
Additional Notes: Incognito
01 One More Chance - 02 Sãeta - 03 My Heart Is Empty - 04 60/40 - 05 Janitor of Lunacy - 06 Valley of the Kings - 07 Vegas - 08 Purple Lips - 09 All Tomorrow's Parties - 10 Tananore - 11 Femme Fatale - 12 Afraid (soundcheck ?) - 13 The End
Nico vocal, harmonium. James Young [James Edward] keyboards, synthesizer, piano. ? lead guitar, keyboards. ? drums

Library Theatre 1983
The Library Theatre, St. Peter's Square, Manchester, 1983-06-16

01 Vegas - 02 Sãeta - 03 Genghis Khan - 04 Janitor of Lunacy - 05 Tananore - 06 Afraid - 07 Purple Lips - 08 Femme Fatale - 09 All Tomorrow's Parties - 10 No One Is There - 11 Frozen Warnings - 12 Orly Flight [mistitled as "Closing the Door"] - 13 Heroes *
* Enhanced video track on CD Janitor of Lunacy UK CD Visionary VICD 008 1996-09-13

Nico + The Blue Orchids:
Nico: vocals, Indian pump organ. Martin Bramah: guitar, backing vocals. Rick Goldstraw [Eric McGann]: guitar. Una Baines: Yamaha Synthesizer. Steve Garvey [Steven Patrick Garvey]: bass, backing vocals. Toby Toman [Phillip Tomanov]: drums

Haçienda Club, Manchester,
new bands Showcase night, 1983-02-24

01 Orly Flight#
Nico vocal, piano

Backstage interview
All Tomorrow's Parties UK DVD

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