The Sandpiper

Title: The Sandpiper
Working Title: The Flight of the Sandpiper
Argentina: Almas en Conflicto
Austria: Schlösser im Sand
Belgium: Le Chevalier des Sables / De Zandridder
Brazil: Adeus às Llusões
Denmark: Du Skal Ikke begære
Finland: Kuuma Ranta
France: Le Chevalier des Sables
Germany: ...die Alles Begehren
Greece: Πύργος στην άμμο
Hungary: Ùt a Szeretet Felé
Italy: Castelli di Sabbia
Portugal: Adeus Llusões
Spain: Castillos en la Arena
Sweden: Het Strand
Turkey: Ümitsiz ask
Yugoslavia: Ljubav na pesku
Director: Vincente Minnelli
Writing Credits: Martin Ransohoff (story), Irene Kamp & Louis Kamp (adaptation), Dalton Trumbo and Michael Wilson
Production: Martin Ransohoff (producer), John Calley (associate producer), Ben Kadish (executive producer)
Production Companies: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and Filmways Pictures
Music: Johnny Mandel
Cinematography: Milton R. Krasner
Choreographer dancing sequence: Kaffe Fassett
Filming locations: Big Sur, California, USA
Nepenthe Restaurant, 48510 California State Route 1, Big Sur, California, USA
Restaurant La Grande Cascade, Allée de Longchamp, 75016 Paris (interiors)
Point Lobos, Point Lobos State Reserve, California, USA
San Dimas, California, USA
Running Time: 117 minutes
Release Date: 1965-06-23 [US]
1965-09-01 [AT]
1965-09-03 [DE]
1965-09-24 [FR]
1965-10-04 [UK]
1965-10-29 [FI]
1965-11-15 [SE]
1965-11-16 [PT]
1965-11-29 [NO]
1966-04-28 [DK]
Plot: Twenty-something Laura Reynolds is a free spirit who questions social conventions, laws and regulations. A struggling artist, she lives in a secluded beach-side cabin in Big Sur with her nine year old illegitimate son, Danny, on who she has instilled her values. Because of this questioning of convention, Laura has decided to home school Danny. Also because of this questioning of the law, Danny runs into some legal problems, and as such is court ordered to be sent to San Simeon, a Christian school in Monterrey. This order is against Laura's wishes. The school's headmaster is Dr. Rev. Edward Hewitt, who tries to convince Laura that San Simeon is not the prison she probably believes it to be. Married for twenty-one years to his faithful wife Claire, Edward has become more a fund-raiser at all cost (for a new chapel) rather than an educator or priest. Despite their differences, Laura and Edward begin to fall for each other. Both but especially Edward have to reconcile their feelings for each other to their beliefs, which they learn are closer to each other than what may appear on the surface. Their feelings also bring to the forefront what each really wants in life beyond their current lot.
Cast: Elizabeth Taylor: Laura Reynolds
Richard Burton: Dr. Edward Hewitt
Eva Marie Saint: Claire Hewitt
Charles Bronson: Cos Erickson
Robert Webber: Ward Hendricks
James Edwards: Larry Brant
Torin Thatcher: Judge Thompson
Tom Drake: Walter Robinson
Douglas Henderson: Paul Sutcliff
Morgan Mason: Danny Reynolds
Barbara Sommers: Dancer at the Party (uncredited)
Nico: Dancer at the Party (uncredited)
Jan Arvan: Trustee (uncredited)
Mary Benoit: Trustee's Wife (uncredited)
Dusty Cadis: Trooper (uncredited)
Tom Crane: Walter Robinson (uncredited)
Tom Curtis: Trustee (uncredited)
Jeff Davis: Administrator (uncredited)
Colin Drake: Administrator (uncredited)
Fred Fisher: Administrator (uncredited)
Max Gulak: Administrator (uncredited)
Anthony Stuart: Administrator (uncredited)
Ginger Hall: Administrator's Wife (uncredited)
April Hyde: Administrator's Wife (uncredited)
Jean Peaslee: Administrator's Wife (uncredited)
June Shelley: Administrator's Wife (uncredited)
Olga Valéry: Administrator's Wife (uncredited)
Sophie Veneck: Administrator's Wife (uncredited)
Rex Holman: Celebrant #1 (uncredited)
Kelton Garwood: Celebrant #2 (uncredited)
Jimmy Murphy: Celebrant #3 (uncredited)
Mel Gallagher: Celebrant #4 (uncredited)
Ron Whelan: Celebrant #5 (uncredited)
Diane Sayer: Celebrant #6 (uncredited)
Joan Connors: Celebrant #7 (uncredited)
Peggy Adams Laird: Celebrant #8 (uncredited)
Shirley Bonne: Celebrant #9 (uncredited)
Nico: Dancer at the Party (uncredited)
Barbara Sommers: Dancer at the Party (uncredited)
Paul Genge: Architect (uncredited)
Eric Sinclair: Beatnik (uncredited)
Carl Studer: Harold (uncredited)
John Hart: Trooper (uncredited)
Pamela Mason: Ellie (uncredited)
Harper: (uncredited)
Jo O' Toole: (uncredited)
Peter O' Toole: (voice) (uncredited)
Peter Jackson: (uncredited)
Douglas Read: (uncredited)
Shelly Sidney: (uncredited)
Roscoe Stallworth: (uncredited)
Tom White: (uncredited)
John Abbey: (uncredited)
The Sandpiper
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