Anthropological Sketches,
Scenes from the Life of Andy Warhol

Title: Anthropological Sketches, Scenes from the Life of Andy Warhol: "Friendships & Intersections"
Director: Jonas Mekas
Music: The Velvet Underground & Nico
Format: 16 mm color sound optics 24 ips 1E
Running Time: 38 minutes
Release Date: 1990-06-00 [US]
Cast: The Velvet Underground & Nico: "Annual Dinner of the New York Society for Clinical Psychiatry", the Delmonico Hotel, 502 Park Avenue, New York City, 1966-01-13 [1:56]

Andy Warhol: "The second the main course was served, the Velvets started to blast and Nico started to wail. Gerard and Edie jumped up on the stage and started dancing, and the doors flew open and Jonas Mekas and Barbara Rubin with her crew of people with camera and bright lights came storming into the room and rushing over to all the psychiatrists asking them things like:

What does her vagina feel like ?
Is his penis big enough ?
Do you eat her out ?
Why are you getting embarrassed ?
You're a psychiatrist;
You're not supposed to get embarrassed.

... While the crews filmed and Nico sang her Dylan song, Gerard noticed ... that Edie was trying to sing, too, but ... it was obvious she didn't have a voice." Gerard "always looked back on that night as the last time she ever went out with us in public, except for a party here and there. He thought that she'd felt upstaged that night, that she'd realized Nico was the new girl in town."

Opening segment on reel two includes brief footage from the first public performance of The Velvet Underground & Nico taped at the Polish National Hall above the Dom, [Polsky Dom Narodowy] 23 St. Mark's Place, New York City, in April 1966 includes I'll Be Your Mirror [1:49] and Untitled (jam track) [24:36].

Stephen Shore's party, Stephen Shore's home, New York City, 1966-01-12: [01:01]
Gerard Malanga dancing, Jack Smith and Mario Montez, Velvet Underground (rearranged), on the floor, Nico, Eddie Sedgwick, etc... Jonas Mekas can be heard saying, "So long Andy, see you again ... for sure."

Kreeping Kreplachs at The Village Gate, 160 Bleecker Street, New York City, 1966-06-07: [03:19]
Barbara Rubin, Tuli Kupferberg, Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Julius Orlovsky, Ed Sanders, Gerard Malanga, Andy Warhol, Storm de Hirsch, Al G. Aronowitz, Andy Warhol, Ronna, Walter Bowart

Andy Warhol at Whitney Museum 1971-05-01; George Maciunas' dumpling party with John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Andy Warhol 1971-06-29; Warhol revisited 1971-05-00; at Klein's ---- with John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Andy Warhol; On Lexington Ave., Andy's Home, rainy morning, 1972-04-23; A visit to Jay Lerner and Karen Lerner 1972-04-23; Jonas Mekas, Edie Minturn Sedgwick, Vincent Friemont, Henry Geldzahler, Paul Morrissey, Karen Lerner, Jay Lerner, Peter Beard, Lee Radziwill, Tina Radziwill, Anthony Radziwill, John D'Allessandro, Caroline Kennedy, John Kennedy Jr., Mick Jagger, Jade Jagger
Note: "The film is made up of my film diaries relating to Andy Warhol from the years 1965-1982. Locations are New York and Montauk, The Factory, House of George Maciunas, Village Gate, Psychiatrist's Convention, home of Stephen Shore, The Warhol Estate, Montauk, etc." — Jonas Mekas
Videos: Visions of Warhol includes

Jonas Mekas: Award Presentation To Andy Warhol (1963 - 12:00)
Willard Maas: Andy Warhol's Silver Flotations (1964 - 03:47)
Jonas Mekas: Anthropological Sketches: Friendships and Intersection, Scenes from the Life of Andy Warhol (1963-1990 - 34:55)
Andy Warhol: Marie Menken (1967 - 18:15)
Ronald Nameth: Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable with The Velvet Underground

Scenes from the Life of Andy Warhol US Arthouse No 5, 1996-00-00
Scenes from the Life of Andy Warhol FR Re:Voir 25, 2000-10-28
The Re:voir vhs includes a 24 pages booklet of commentary in English and French and the Re:voir video catalogue.
Scenes from the life of Andy Warhol
Scenes from the life of Andy Warhol

VU & Nico at the Dom April 1966
VU & Nico at the Dom 1966-04-00

Visions of Warhol Re:Voir VHS
FR Re:Voir 25

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