For the First Time

Title: For the First Time
Foreign Titles: [BR] Pela Primeira Vez
[DE] Serenade Einer Großen Liebe (Der Sänger von Capri)
[DK] For Første Gang
[FI] Ensi Kerran
[FR] La Fille de Capri
[IT]Come Prima
[KR] 에 대해 검색된 자막
[PT] Pela Primeira Vez
[SE] För första gången
[SP] For Primera Vez
[YU] Serenada Velike Ljubavi
Director: Rudolph Maté
Writing credits: Andrew Solt
Producer: Alexander Grüter
Associate Producers: Paul Baron, Alfredo Panone
Executive Producers: Max Koslowski, George von Block
Production Companies: Corona Filmproduktion (DE), Astor Films (IT), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (US), Orion Films, Titanus (IT)
Associate Production Company: Orion Picture Corporation
Production Managers: Max Koslowsky, Georg von Block, Karl Heinz Eisner, Frank Guthke
Director of Photography: Aldo Tonti
Art Director: Fritz Maurischat
Second Unit Assistant Director: Hans Sommer
Sound: Enzo Giordanio, Eduard Kessel, Claude Hitchcock
Editorial Supervisor: Gene Ruggiero, A.C.E.
Film Editor & Music Editor: Peter Zinner
Musical Score & Direction: George E. Stoll [George Martin Stoll]
Original Music released on: LP For the First Time. US: RCA LM-2338 (mono)/RCA LSC-2338 (stereo); UK: RCA RB16158; SP: RCA GL13977. CD For the First Time/That Midnight Kiss US: RCA VICTOR 605162RG. US: Collectables Records 2001-05-08
Tracks: Come Prima (Mario Panzeri, Vincenzo di Paola, Sandro Taccani, Ram Buck [Mary Bond]) 2:22
Tarantella (George E. Stoll) 2:19
O Sole Mio (Eduardo di Capua) 2:27
Neapolitan Dance (George E. Stoll) 1:38
Hofbrauhaus Song (Wir Einmal Nur In München War) (Karl Bette) 1:32
O, Mon Amour (Je N'En Connais Pas La Fin) (Raymond Asso, Marguerite Monnot) 1:44
Mazurka (George E. Stoll) 1:27
Pineapple Pickers (George E. Stoll) 1:40
I Pagliacci, opera, Act II: Vesti la Giubba (Ruggero Leoncavallo) 3:31
Niun mi Tema (Otello) 4:42
Celeste Aida: Act I (Giuseppe Verdi) 4:37
I Love Thee (Ich Liebe Dich) (Edvard Grieg) 2:36
Ave Maria (Franz Schubert) 3:07
Production Design: Hans Jürgen Kiebach, Fritz Maurischat
Art Direction: Fritz Maurischat
Costume Design: Alfred Bücken, Charlotte Bücken, Heinrich Weidemann
Makeup Department: Otello Fava, Max Rauffer, Arthur Schramm
Distributors: Turner Entertainment Co and Corona-Film-Production (US); Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) (US)
Shooting Locations: Isle of Capri, Napoli, Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, Film Studios, Roma, Campania, Salzburg, Wien, and Berlin.
Running Time: 97 minutes
Release Date: 1959-01-01 [IT]
1959-02-26 [DE]
1959-08-13 [US]
1959-11-06 [FI]
1959-11-09 [SE]
1959-11-14 [DK]
1959-12-23 [FR]
Cast: Mario Lanza (Alfredo Cocozza): Tonio Costa (The Opera Star)
Johanna van Koszian: Christa Bruckner (The Deaf Girl)
Zsa Zsa Gabor [Sári Gábor]: Contessa Gloria de Vadnuz
Kurt Kasznar [Kurt Servischer]: Ladislas Tabory, Tonio's manager
Nico: Leader of admirers in Capri
Hans Söhnker: Professor Albert Bruckner
Annie Rosar: Mathilde Faktotum
Sandro Giglio: Alessandro
Walter Rilla: Dr. Bessart
Renzo Cesana: Angelo
Peter Capell: Leopold Hübner
Michael Cosmo: Aldo
Manfred Inger: Servant at the Wien State Opera
Gisella Mathews
Carlo Rizzo
John Stein
Manfred Shäffer
Note: Originally titled Silent Melody, Mario Lanza's final film casts him as Tonio Costa, a temperamental opera star who falls in love with Christa Bruckner, a beautiful deaf girl (Johanna van Kozian) who refuses to marry him until she can hear his voice. He dedicates his life to finding a way to help restore her hearing. Shot on location in Capri, Salzburg, Rome, London, Wien, Napoli, Paris and Berlin between June and November 1958. Photographed at CCC-Film-Studio and Centro Cinematografico Incom. Nico is the leader of a group of fans and she asks Tonio Costa for a song in Capri:

Girl: Mr. Costa, how about a song ?
Mario Lanza: Oh I can't, you see I'm here incognito.
Nico: You mean you can't sing for us not even one little song ?
Girl: Sure he can!
Mario Lanza then sings Come Prima.

The theatrical trailer featuring Nico is included on the US MGM/UA Home Video released 1994-04-13.

Released on Laserdisc The Seven Hills of Rome/For the First Time US MGM/UA Home Video ML104828, 1997-01-05 (letterbox)
Come Prima — with Nico

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