Imitation of Christ

Title: Imitation of Christ
Director: Andy Warhol
Running Time: 480 minutes (long version)/105 minutes (short version)
Format: Colour, sound, 24fps
Release Date: 1967-11-00 [US]
Cast: Brigid Polk [Brigid Berlin]: Mother
Ondine [Bob Olivo]: Father
Patrick Tilden Close: Son
Nico: The maid
Taylor Mead: Hobo
Andrea "Whips" Feldman Son's girlfriend
Note: Andy Warhol shot sixteen 32 minute reels for Imitation of Christ in January 1967. The long version was shown once in November 1967 and then withdrawn from circulation. A month later it appeared as a segment in ****. In late 1969 Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey condensed it to 105 minutes and re-released it.

Imitatione Christi, a spiritual guide written in the fifteenth Century by Thomas A. Kempis a Dutch mystic and devotional author c.1390-08 August 1471, supposedly is the inspiration behind this Andy Warhol film.Imitation of Christ is a dramatic comedy about a strange but beautiful young man [Patrick Tilden Close], silent and moody, who spends time with the family maid [Nico], who reads to him from Imitatione Christi. Meanwhile, the young man's mother [Brigid Polk] and father [Ondine] argue in bed about their son, trying to determine what has gone wrong with him and lamenting their own state of affairs. Intercut are scenes of the son with a hobo [Taylor Mead], ambling through the streets of San Francisco.

Excerpts of The Imitation of Christ and an interview with Taylor Mead are included in Pie in the Sky: The Brigid Berlin Story, a 75 minutes US documentary about life of Brigid Berlin [Brigid Polk], directed by Vincent Fremont and Shelly Dunn Fremont, produced by Vincent Fremont Enterprises, released on 07 September 2000.
Nico and Patrick Tilden Close
Nico & Patrick Tilden Close

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