Evening of Light

Title: Evening of Light
Director: François de Menil
Music: Nico
Running Time: 03 minutes
Release Date: 1969-00-00 [US]
Cast: Nico:
Iggy Pop [James Osterberg]:
Note: The Stooges released their self-titled debut LP The Stooges produced by John Cale at the end of August. In New York they paid a visit to Andy Warhol's Factory, where Iggy meets again Nico, who followed him back to Michigan and who lived with him for a while. While they lived in the middle of a corn field, they made a film. François de Menil was a young son of the famous American art collector, Dominique de Menil, he was a friend of Andy Warhol, and he was infatuated with Nico. He wanted to make a film about her, and hung around New York until she told him, "I'm off to Michigan with Jimmy (Osterberg!). If you want to make the film, you'll have to follow us." He did. Iggy Pop kept looking at him, thinking, 'What's this gotta do with rock and roll, this goddam rich kid with his camera ?' The rich kid got his revenge. He set up a scene for Nico and Iggy in a ploughed potato field. Clothing dummies were fixed into the earth, and Iggy's face was painted in the style of a white mime. They were instructed to frolic among the mannequins in the ploughed potato field, which they did, to their eternal embarassment. Part of it can be seen in the film Nico-Icon.
Evening of Light

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