Les Hautes Solitudes

Title: Les Hautes Solitudes
Japanese Title: 孤高
Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Cinematography, Editing: Philippe Garrel
First distributed in France: Capital Cinéma
Running Time: 80 minutes
Format: 35 mm, black & white, silent
Release Date: 1974-12-15 [FR]
Cast: Jean Seberg: Leftist activist American actress living in exile
Tina Aumont
Laurent Terzieff
Note: Philippe Garrel becomes acquainted with Jean Seberg in Paris and decides to make a film with this unusually talented actress. Garrel filmed Nico, Jean Seberg, and Tina Aumont in Jean Seberg's apartment in Paris. Silent, grainy black and white (sometimes out of focus) shots of faces of women follow each other, expressing suffering and solitude, mixed with rare instants of happiness. Nico appears only briefly in the first minutes of the film. A few shots of the Reims concert (Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Reims, 1974-12-13) can be seen.

"Jean Seberg saw the film and she said, 'Yes, it is very good'. When I asked her if we could leave it like it was, in black and white, without dialogue, she replied, 'Yes I'm happy if you leave it like that'. While shooting in Marrakech she said to me, 'In the end, for an Arab, a film is a film. A film with Jean Seberg is a film with Jean Seberg.'"
— Philippe Garrel

2004-06-06 16.30, 2004-06-11 19.00, and 2004-06-24 21.00, La Cinémathèque, Salle Chaillot, 7 avenue Albert de Mun, Paris.

2005-08-22, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Peter Jay Sharpe Building, 30 Lafayette Avenue, New York, NY

2007-09-22 16.30 and 2007-09-23 16.30, Donostia Zinemaldia Festival De San Sebastian, Spain
Les Hautes Solitudes
Les Hautes Solitudes

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