The Closet

Title: The Closet
Director: Andy Warhol
Running Time: 66 minutes
Format: Black & White 16mm
Production Date: 1965-11-00
Release Date: 1966-00-00 [US]
Cast: Nico
Randy Borscheidt
Note: The Closet is the first film Nico made with Andy Warhol. Filmed in November 1965 at Panna Grady's apartment in the Dakota on Central Park West and 72nd Street, it is based on an idea by Barbara Rubin." Two children live in a closet." Nico tries to get Randy Borscheidt to show some interest in her, or at least to show some interest in something. Randy demurs, and at the same time says everything there is to say about being in the closet — without, that is, saying anything much at all. Randy Borscheidt is a gay boy; "coming out of the closet" defines a public admission of homosexuality. Being in the closet is in fact literalized by the film: the two characters sit throughout in a coat closet while Warhol's camera constantly reframes its confining space, panning horizontally and vertically, zooming in and out. The two superstars are left to their own devices while the camera rolls on, and we overhear their conversation the way we might if we just happened to be nearby, in fragments, making of it what we will. Nico takes an almost maternal role and encourages him to relax. Eventually, they open the closet door to let more light in. For the remainder of the film, they share a sandwich and a cigarette, discuss the contents of the closet (it seems to be mostly ties), and discuss whether they should leave the closet. Nico wonders if there is any sexual attraction between then, but he is far too shy. In the final, he comments how she doesn't know his name.

Randy: "You don't know my name."
Nico: "What is it ? Romeo ?"
Randy: "No."
Nico: "Why not ?"
Randy: "I could get down on my knees."
Nico and Randy Borscheidt, The Closet
Nico & Randy Borscheidt

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