Songs They Never Play on the Radio

Songs They Never Play on the Radio
Title: Songs They Never Play on the Radio
Author: James Young [James Edward]
ISBN: 0-7475-4411-5
Format: Paperback, 3rd edition
Pages: 222
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 38 Soho Square, London W1V 5DF, United Kingdom
Publishing Date: 1999-08-19
Liner Notes: In 1982, Nico, former model, actress, singer with the Velvet Underground and part of Warhol's entourage, was living in Manchester, far from her fifteen minutes of fame and feeding her heroin habit. Local promoter Dr Demetrius saw an oportunity, hired musicians to back her and set off on a world tour. This was Nico's last 'scene', with keyboard player James Young recording the final days of a celebrity in the twilight zone of faded fame.

"I didn't think it possible to capture the brilliance and horror, the triumph and the tragedy, the ecstasy and the humiliation. More to the point, who gave a fuck anymore ? Well, I was wrong. And anyone who reads this book will be moved by the lyrical poignancy, intimate detail and near mythic quality the author captures. A gem"
Danny Sugarman

'A tender and lyrical book which simultaneously contributes an accurate picture of junkie life and its attendant black humour'

'Young is a brilliant writer. It's undoubtedly the best book yet about music's rancid underside'

'Thank you for writing a very funny book about my favourite singer'
John Waters

'This impressionistic, on-the-road account tells the unglamorous truths about what happens when you've beeen an icon and didn't die before you got old'

'Sad, funny, brilliant'
Tony Parsons

'Sometime bleak, often funny, always compelling, it may be the truest book yet written about life inside the rock business'
Richard Williams

'A cooly literary masterpiece about the geography of nowhere. As a rock 'n' roll road book, Young's clear-eyed memoir is the record of an infinitely slow navigation of a dead end'
Greil Marcus, Esquire
First Edition: Bloomsbury Publishing Limited
Second Edition: Arrow

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