Nico The End

Nico The End
Title: Nico The End
Author: James Young [James Edward]
ISBN: 0-87951-504-X
Format: Hardback, First Edition
Pages: 207
Publisher: The Overlook Press, Lewis Hollow Road, Woodstock, New York 12498, United States
Publishing Date: 1993-09-01
Liner Notes: This is the story of the last scene of the rock diva Nico, whose 15 minutes of fame included her tenure with Andy Warhol's Factory, the films Chelsea Girls and La Dolce Vita and a stint with The Velvet Underground.

In 1982, Nico was living in Manchester, England, far from her 15 minutes and interested only in feeding her heroin habit. Local promoter Dr. Demetrius saw an opportunity, hired musicians to back her and set off on a distastrous tour of Italy. In a daze of chaotic live shows and necessary heroin scores, she toured the world with assorted thrown-together bands, encountering a wild crew of personalities, including John Cale, Allen Ginsberg, John Cooper Clark and Gregory Corso.

A tour de force in the literature of failure, Nico: The End is an unflinching look at the final days of a celebrity in the twilight zone of faded fame. This story of Nico and the characters who orbited around her may be the truest book yet written about life inside the rock world.
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Paperback Edition: The Overlook Press

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