Nico Songs 1965-1988

Nico Songs 1965-1988
Title: Nico Songs 1965-1988
Author: Dream Academy
ISBN: none
Format: Paperback, First Edition
Pages: 142
Publisher: Dream Academy, Bremen, Germany
Publishing Date: 1992-00-00
Liner Notes: We think the myth is stronger than ever, we think the myth is reborn on July 18, 1988, and is growing beyond imagination, like the image Nico presented in her life and works. In this book we separate the words from the music, her music, and to us it's like talking to Nico, talking in her mind, while in the back of our heads her voice is giving music to the words in a way that makes death something beautiful. she cried when The End was finished. She did that with others, too. We cried at the end, and did that with no one too, and we are thinking that the words, written for and by Nico, all together in this book, are carrying just one idea: Nico is something beautiful!

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