Nico ***

nico ***
Title: Nico ***
Authors: Mel Clay, Syd Pierre
ISBN: none
Format: Paperback, First Edition
Pages: 40
Publisher: Midnite Press, San Francisco, United States
Publishing Date: 1988-09-00
Notes: Includes A Short Essay in Appreciation of Nico by Gerard Malanga, Nico's Eyes, a poem by F.A. Nettelbeck, the coroner's report of Nico's death, a poem by Sam Shepard, a poem by Ira Cohen, and quotes by Lou Reed, John Talley, Joie Cook, Richard Goldstein, Andy Warhol, Paul Morrisey, Kate Braverman, Gerard Malanga, Edie Minturn Sedgwick, Syd Pierre, Nico, Truman Capote, Danny Fields, Mick Jagger, Cherry Vanilla, Jim Morrison, Mel Clay, Stephen Schwartz, Alfred Jarry, Brion Gysin, Lance Loud, John Cale, Ronnie Cutrone, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith.

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