Nine Hundred Nights DVD-R0

Nine Hundred Nights US DVD
US Pioneer PLDD11548D
Title: Nine Hundred Nights
Publisher: Pioneer LDCA
Reference: PLDD11548D
UPC: 013023-15489-6
Release Date: 26 June 2001
Time: 58 minutes
Features: Down With Me
The Coo Coo
Ball And Chain
Piece Of My Heart
Ellen Willis
The California Scene's Influence On The 60's
"Piece Of My Heart"
Janis Leaving The Band
Was Janis Better With Big Brother ?
Janis's Voice And The Sexual Revolution
Janis Redefines Beauty for Women Of the 60's
Janis As An Icon
Peter Albin
Where Do You Come From ?
The Monterey Pop Festival
"Piece of My Heart"
"Ball and Chain"
"Combination Of The Two"
"The Coo Coo"
"Light is Faster than Sound"
Where were you when you Heard Janis Died ?
Sam Andrew
Music Background
San Francisco's Bohemian History
The First Incarnation of Big Brother
The Trips Festival
The First Gig With Janis
"Down on Me"
" The Coo Coo"
"Light Is Faster than Sound
"Piece Of My Heart"
"Ball and Chain"
Where Were You When You Heard Janis Died ?
David Getz
When Did You Come To San Francisco ?
The San Francisco Music Vs. The British Invasion
Combination Of The Five
Big Brother And The Hell's Angels
"Piece Of My Heart"
"Combination Of The Two"
Big Brother's Move From Mainstream Records To Columbia
Where Were You When You Heard Janis Died ?
James Gurley
What Got You Into Music ?
James,The Human Hood Ornament
John Coltrane's Influence
Going To San Francisco
"The Coo Coo"
"Combination Of The Two"
The Cheap Thrill Sessions
Where Were You When You Heard Janis Died ?
Nick Gravenites
Describe First Hearing Janis
When Did You First Encounter Big Brother ?
Getting To Know Big Brother
Lenny Kaye
First Seeing Big Brother
First Seeing Big Brother At The Avalon
The San Francisco Sound Vs. The British Invasion
How Do You Think The Extended Songs Came About ?
Special Features: Rare Audio Recordings, Discography, Photo Gallery, Biographical Timeline, Interview Outtakes
Japanese release: PIBP95035, released 26 September 2002