My Baby

Different version Quadraphonic CQ 30322

And when I work hard all day long
I tell you what, it don't bother me nohow,
'Cause how could anything ever go wrong
When I got my baby, Lord, yes,
When I got my baby, oh Lord!

And when they tell me love is pain
I said it might be true for you, honey,
But no, no, not for Janis now.
All I've ever got to do is call out that man's name
Yeah and I got m-my baby, Lord, yeah,
Yes I got my baby, good good God,
Honey, I wanna tell you something that I do.

Deep down, h-honey, in the dark of night,
When I lay my head down, I wanna go to sleep,
And I know everything is gonna be alright,
Yeah I got my baby, Lord, yeah,
Honey, I got m-my baby, oh man, yeah.

And when I wanna call the names
Or the things to be that wanna be to you.
And when I wanna reach out my hand
It always seems you hold me, dear,
Love, don't you know how long I looked for you
Daddy, daddy, daddy.
Love, don't you know how hard I tried...

LP: US Columbia CQ-30322 SQ Quadraphonic November 1971
LP: US Columbia CAQ-30322 Q8 Quadraphonic November 1971
LP: JP CBS SONY SOPN 44015 SQ Quadraphonic

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